3D LIDAR in an industrial housing with GigE


With the support of the new 3D cameras from Percipio, it is easy to use 3D systems even in the harsh industrial environment. The 3D sensors are available with different resolutions and you can choose between an M12 connector as an IP65 solution or a standard connector, if a low price but no IP grading is required.

The sensors are based on the powerful LIDAR system and deliver high-quality, high-resolution color images at the same time. This happens in real time with up to sixty 3D point clouds, depth images and the appropriate color images. It is not only possible to determine the position of an object in space, but also its color or other features that are recognizable in the 2D area (e.g. patterns, fonts or other codes). The Percepio sensors can thus differentiate between two identical 3D objects, for example by their color or their features. By integrating the sensors in the EyeVision 4 software, not only the position but also the volume can be determined.

Percipio SupportThis is done via the additional data channels; the evaluation of these channels can then be used to reliably detect whether the blue left object or the right yellow object should be gripped by the robot first. The powerful command set includes hand-eye calibration and flexible communication commands for the robots. Many important types of robots are already predefined. If a robot is not known, it can easily be adapted by the user. Solving robot vision tasks is quick and easy. Thanks to its very low weight, the small sensor in particular is perfect for mounting directly on the gripper. The load capacity of the robot is little or not restricted.

The Percipio sensors are fully integrated as a 3D sensor with all data streams, which enables an optimal time-to-market for the user. The programming is done with the EyeVision 4 software by drag and drop. This enables demanding pick and place tasks or volume determinations to be carried out quickly and precisely without coding.

With the smart version of the Percipio modules, the EyeVision 4 software can be run independently in the scanner, so a PC is no longer required. With these smart systems, the EyeVision 4 image processing software directly delivers the measurement data for the robot or the volume control and many other applications via the GigE interface. The visualization of the data can be displayed on a user-specific basis on an operator panel such as the robot control panel or in the machine and system visualization. The sensors can be operated directly on the machine and supplied with 24 volts, so no additional power supply is required in the system. The optional support of various bus systems of the EyeVision 4 makes the integration of the sensors directly into a PLC even easier. In this case, the Percipio sensor behaves like any other Profibus sensor.

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