Thermal Imaging with EyeVision Thermo

The EyeVision Thermo software offers commands for the thermal measurement and inspection tasks for industrial thermal imaging.

Even demanding evaluations of thermal images can be carried out graphically with the powerful command set. For example in the fields of:

  • active
  • passive
  • Lock-in

EyeVision software thermal imaging applications

  • temperature distribution during thermoforming processes
  • inspection of fiber reinforced material
  • electronic component parts inspection
  • inspection of precision resistors
  • packaging control and leakage inspection
  • inspection of heat-sealed joint, sealing and plastics welding processes
  • error search in the fields of high and low tension
  • plumbing isolation
  • fireproof coating of furnace
  • optimizing casting moulds
  • fill level detection of containers

EyeVision Thermo …

… offers drag-and-drop programming
… has a intuitive-selfexplanatory user interface
… is programmable without programming skills

EyeVision Thermo camera support

EyeVision Thermo supports thermal imaging cameras by makers such as:

  • Automation Technology
  • Flir
  • Optris
  • Dalsa, etc.

EyeCheck Thermo – smart thermal imaging camera

Data sheet

The first intelligent thermal imaging camera has an on-board evaluation thanks to the EyeVision software.

Additionally the camera has a Zynq-board, selectable between:

  • Raze1-15 mit 74 Logic Elements
  • Raze1-30 mit 125 Logic Elements

Further features of the EyeCheck Thermo are for example:

  • freely programmable FPGA
  • interfaces: GigE & RS232
  • 8 In- and 8 Outputs
  • available in the resolutions: 320×240 and 640×480 Pixel

Ready-to-use Systems for Thermal Imaging with EyeVision

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EVT HotGlue Inspector

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EVT Multi-Thermal Inspector

EVT Multi-Thermal Inspector
The EVT Smart Multi-Thermal Inspector (MTI) can monitor an arbitrary number of areas for their correct temperature. Additionally a warning...

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