Precise angle measurement and control

With EyeSens Angle, EVT offers you an intelligent tool for precise angle measurement. EyeSens Angle consists of a hardware and a software component. The hardware consists of a light section sensor, which throws a laser line onto the objects to be checked. The profile of the laser beam is then recorded and processed by the […]

EVT homogeneity inspector

Quality is the key to success. Until a few years ago, customers tolerated slight scratches in homogeneous surfaces. Nowadays, however, the customer expects a flawless, scratch-free surface. The “traditional” image processing quickly reaches its limits because the errors that occur in an infinite number of variants and thus cannot be clearly described. Deep learning or […]

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

The extended instruction set with solutions for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is now available within EyeVision 4. With this NDT instruction set, the detection of cavities or other structures within objects is now much easier. The variety of heat sources supported enables detection on many different materials. In addition to the LockIn basic solutions, process-based or […]

Become a certified Eye Vision Technology professional in image processing

Use the numerous advantages of the EVT certification program and become a certified professional in image processing! What to expect: Obtaining an official certificate 10% discount on every order at EVT Prioritized support via an exclusive acceptance point Entry on our highly frequented homepage You can easily become part of the certification program by participating […]

Hydra now available!

Our latest sensor model is equipped with two cameras: a thermal imaging camera and a classic imaging camera. This means that in addition to the classic image, Hydra can also see things that are not perceptible to the eye. That way the double-headed Hydra really doesn’t miss a thing. Hydra can be used anywhere where, […]

Free Webinars 2021

Become a certified EVT professional in image processing by participating in the free EVT training courses. Easily from home or from your desk. Learn everything about 1D, 2D & 3D image processing, as well as thermography and many other exciting topics! Register now: Register Date Day Topic Time 25.02.2021 Thursday Point cloud & measurement technology […]