EyeSens ST 3D- The 3D system for profile inspection

EyeSens ST 3D consists of the smart Saturn 3D sensor and the EyeSens 3D profile software. The combination of these two innovative products enables you to carry out an accurate, simple and very fast profile evaluation.

EyeSens ST 3D not only measures the length or height of a profile, but also angles. In addition, EyeSens ST 3D compares different profile shapes with each other and thus creates matches.


EyeSens ST 3D is immediately ready for use thanks to the simple teach-in via single button training and does not have to be readjusted in cyclical operation. The 3D profile sensor can also be integrated into any system control and can therefore be used individually and compatible.

EyeSens ST 3D enables you:


  • 3D shape Inspection
  • Gap Inspection
  • Profile Inspection
  • Weld Inspection
  • Seal / Glue Inspection
  • Measuring angles
  • The measurement of distances



EyeSens ST 3D helps you to achieve an error-free production cost-effectively.



Find out more about EyeSens ST 3D on our homepage or our YouTube channel!


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