Bottle and beverage industry quality control with EyeVision

The beverage industry is presenting a special challenge for image processing, because it has to combine efficiency, reliability and repeatability in its application. Thus a conflict occurs with the tight price calculation on the one hand and the necessity of a high standard of security and quality on the other hand.

EyeVision for the bottle and beverage industry

The EyeVision software is not only cost-effective, but also offers security, reliability and also flexibility. You can apply EyeVision for example for the following solutions:

Inspection of empties

With EyeVision you can automate the return of empties of beverages and…

  • … identify and sort each bottle type
  • … identify damaged and alien bottles
  • … detect bottles according to their characteristics such as: bottle height, diameter, color or label
  • … read OCR/ OCV such as e.g. the imprinted number on the bottom of the bottle

Cap inspection

The inspection if a bottle is correctly closed with EyeVision is a highly precise measurement and detects caps that are askew. But that is not all.

EyeVision also inspects

  • presence or absence of the cap
  • presence of the lock ring
  • the cap height

And that all can be done in a speed of up to 30 bottles per second.

Fill level inspection

The EyeVision software also can be used for bottling plants, for example to inspect if every bottle has the same fill level, an image if the bottle neck is captures and the edge of the liquid is measured. Befor the bottling EyeVision can inspect if the bottle neck has cracks or is brocken.

Label inspection

The inspection of the label with EyeVision can be applied to any kind of bottle, impartial to the type (shape, color, etc.) and position of the labels and can be configured to different label types and more several kind of bottles at once.

  • inspection in the free run is impartial to the position of the bottle on the conveyor belt
  • inspection of all-round label via sensors

3D Inspection for the bottling industry

The EyeVision 3D software can for example inspect if the bottles are standing correctly in the crate, before stacking them.

Additionally the EyeVision 3D can detect other defects, such as differences in height. Because sometimes some bottles are standing out in a crate, for example when there are glass shards below the bottle or other disturbances.

And you can also determin the internal pressure of bottles with crown caps with EyeVision 3D. In case the crown cap is not convex, it is possible that the bottle is not efficiently closed.


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