BrainLight illumination

The BrainLight illumination is a series of ring lights and backlights, which can be controlled with the EyeVision software.

BrainLight illumination R

At present the BrainLight R (ring light) has the following characteristics:

  • RS232 or TTL UART interface
  • freely configurable illumination
  • Trigger Input for frame control
  • Settings can be saved permanently and can be loaded again after restart
  • +5V _ODER_ 12-24V input voltage

BrainLight QC

The BrainLight QC is an illumination for industrial use, which can be set according to the individual use.

  • available in the colors red, green, blue, white and RGB
  • 48 full-color LED in one grid
  • Dimensions: 30 x 40 mm
  • Input voltage: +24V
  • modularly extendable (more LED rows can be added)
  • highly efficient control switch for minmal heat development
  • LEDs can be switched on per line
  • illumination set up is programmable and playable
  • the light can be dimmed or run on full brightness
  • also flash modus is available