EyeSens Match vision sensor

The vision sensor EyeSens Match solves pattern matching applications.

Data sheet EyeSensN Match Next Generation

Data sheet EyeSens Match Classic

EyeSensN Match
EyeSensN Match Next Generation
EyeSens Match
EyeSens Match Classic

The Function of the EyeSens Match?

The vision sensor can detect previously taught-in patterns in:

  • any rotation
  • any position
  • no matter if complete or incomplete

This means that, when the taught-in pattern in the image moves, rotates or is half invisible, the EyeSens Match can detect the pattern anyway.

The EyeSens Hardware

The vision sensor is very robust. The sensor compensates vibrations and fast movements easily. It also contains:

  • optionally integrated LED illumination and lens or
  • C-Mount connection and
  • IP67 housing

The Software

Additionally the handling of the vision sensor is very easy. Specially thanks to the integrated illumination and lens it is a plug-and-play camera with industrial standard.

The integrated EyeVision software offers additional advantages:

  • graphical user interface (GUI)
  • drag-and-drop-programming
  • creation of inspection program without programming skills
  • special pattern matching command “KeyMatch”