EyeSens WireInspector Sensor

The EyeSens WireInspetor can inspect cables and cable trees for their correct cable assignment. It checks for presence and color of the cables.

What does the EyeSens WireInspector?

The vision sensor can inspect a cable and connector for:

  • the correct cable assignment
  • the correct color and presence of the cable
  • and also the bar code on cable trees for a correct assignment and 100% retraceability

The vision sensor hardware

The vision sensor is very robust. Vibrations and fast movement are compensated by the sensor easily. It also contains:

  • optionally integrated LED illumination and lens or
  • C-Mount connecton and
  • a IP67 housing

The Software

Additionally the handling of the vision sensor is very easy. Specially thanks to the integrated illumination and lens it is a plug-and-play camera with industrial standard.

The integrated EyeVision software offers additional advantages:

  • graphical user interface (GUI)
  • drag-and-drop-programming
  • creation of inspection program without programming skills
  • special color command and grid command extention